Use of social media in 2017

The use of social media continues to increase. Those who use social networks do it a little over an hour a day or 7 hours a week. It is very common to visit social networks on your mobile phone, over half of all Internet users visit daily social networks on their mobile.

Facebook is the social network that most people use and usage continues to increase except for the 12-15 year olds. The second largest is Instagram. A quarter of Internet users use Snapchat, but there are big differences between different age groups. The only social network that is reduced in use is Twitter.

Despite the increase in social networking, we see no reduction in the use of email, rather on the contrary, 96 percent use email. Two out of three chats and half of all Internet users call or receive phone calls over the internet.

Both blogging and blogging have stabilized in recent years.

Social networks have become a natural part of our everyday lives. There are almost three out of five Internet users (58 percent) who use social networks daily and 77 percent say they sometimes do it.

In six years, the daily share of social networks has more than doubled, from 28 percent in 2011 to 58 percent in 2017. At the same time, the share of social networks has ever increased from more than half to three quarters of all internet users.

Among other benefits of interactive web design for your business includes the following:

  1. It encourages visitors to add information

Most interactive websites function by asking for information from the users. Most of the visitors turned into members the moment they decided to add information and start sharing messages. There are some rules observed when it comes to adding information and users have complete control of what they wanted to add or not. Interactivity is active in this kind of website.

  1. It forms commitment

Interactive web design is an effective way of forming a commitment to your users. Instead of just an anonymous visitor navigating around your website, the web design encourages them to create their profile. Their user experience improves the more they add information to their profile.

Aside from that, studies show that users are most likely to return to a website where they have an account created.

  1. Improved services

Another advantage it can offer is the benefit of knowing more about them. If they tend to provide information, it’ll, be easier for you to determine what they need and provide them what they exactly want. It’s a win-win situation between the two of you. Remember is a business owner can provide what a customer is looking for, it will capture their interest and would want to do more transactions with you.

Let’s take Twitter for example. If you create an account, personalize your bio, and starts following people on Twitter, they will soon send you an email containing a list of people you might be interested in following according to their analysis. The more relevant of information they provide, the more users are inclined to using the website.

  1. Better decision-making

Since you have the data acquired from your customers, it can help you in making decisions and improving both your services and products. You will consider what they prefer and the relevance of your topic to what they are looking for before you published. Sometimes, how they describe themselves on their profile will also give you an idea of the best services or products you can offer to this person.

  1. Interactivity is fun

Connecting with other people, sharing messages, and knowing relevant information every day is so much fun than being a casual visitor who happened to bump a website and navigate mindlessly. Your website is more enjoyable, user-friendly, and engaging.

Also, the community on your website will start to expand once they communicate with each other. This is a good sign because your website will start to gain reputation and hopefully, attract a bunch of potential customers to your website as well.

These are just some of the benefits of using an interactive web design in your business. Keep these tips in mind and opt for multi-functional web design. It can help you stand above the crowd, drive heavy traffic, and hopefully convert them into sales. Interactive web design is your key to a complete understanding of your customers and their needs.