Under Counter Ice Maker For Toronto Apartment Blocks

Under counter ice makers are specifically of huge importance in areas where small space is available. This occurs with several bar configurations where cocktail stations and coolers take up most of the room on a frequent basis. We recommend the undercounter ice maker as an auxiliary ice source if the major ice maker is situated in an area that makes transportation a burden. Have it at the back of your mind that under machines are not recommended as the main source of ice for a high volume bar or restaurant due to their smaller ice yields however you don’t have to worry about moving ice from one area to another.

The Installation of an undercounter ice maker involves a very simple process. Ice makers normally require 3 things so as to work well: a portable water supply, a floor drain, and electricity. A few smaller cabinet style or under counter ice makers can function well without a floor drain. Ensure that you carefully read through the maker’s literature at all times before making a buy to know what your specific under counter ice maker will need. Virtually all under counter ice manufacturers function well with a plug and cord and normally need 120 volts only. The majority of the larger commercial ice manufacturers need clearance from the right and left sides of the maker so as to cycle the air efficiently and effectively. Under counter machines differ in such a way that majority use a front air discharge design thus allowing the breathing needed to cycle the refrigeration in order to remain at the unit’s front. Eliminating the compulsion for right and left side clearance means that under counter manufacturers suit much smaller spaces.

Like bigger modular units, the undercounter ice maker comes in different ice cube shapes. These differ depending on themaker. We tend to realize that bar beverages function well with any “shot glass” or cube shape style ice. The use of nugget ice makes fountain drinks very enjoyable. There are no particular rules to which ice shape is required for any application.