Types Of Vinyl Cutting Machines And Their Features

Vinyl is a form of plastic which consists of polyvinyl chloride. Vinyl is mostly used as a covering material. It has a glossy appearance and water-resistant property. Vinyl is the material used in so many décor things. Usually, vinyl comes in the sheet form and experts cut those sheets with the help of vinyl cutting machines. These machines are electronic equipments that come in different ranges. There are so many vinyl cutting machines available for different purposes. Mostly vinyl cutting machines look like printer attached with computers and are used for so many purposes.

Different Types of vinyl cutting machines

There are almost more than 100 types of vinyl cutting machines available for the users, but it is very difficult to choose the right vinyl cutter machine. Read the article and you will get information about the various vinyl cutter machines. These machines are only made for commercial purposes. Few types of machines are discussed below:-

Circuit Explore air wireless cutting machines: Circuit explore wireless cutting machine works like printer and cutter both. You will get dual cartridge in this vinyl cutter machine. Dual cartridges are used to perform two works simultaneously. You can attach a sketch pen to the cutting machine. By adding a pen, you can give the command to the machine to perform printing and cutting task both at the same moment. That machine supports command on wireless technology so you don’t need to arrange so many chords.

It has a Bluetooth device which helps to connect with computer. The machine can cut around 60 materials. There are so many Fonts and designs inbuilt in the system for printing. You can also add your designs and fonts to the system. The maximum length cut by the machine is 11.5*23.5 square inches.

Silhouette Cameo Electronic cutting machine: These machines are good for those who are working with crafting projects. If you want to run the machine you will need a vinyl kit bundle. In that bundle, you will get 12”*12” cutting mat, Instruction guide in the form of CD and vinyl paper sheets. In the bundle, you will get different packs. You can use those packs as per your choice. These packs have limited use. The machine needs voltage range from around 50 to 60 Hz.

The quality of cutting is very fine and the machine also works for cutting chipboard. You can also sketch with the help of a sketch pen by attaching the sketch pen in the place of the blade. It has a dual blade including vinyl trimmer. You also get the software and a few templates to design your craft projects.

Circuit expression cutting machine:This machine is used for small projects. You don’t need to connect the computer to this machine. You can use the material for cutting like chipboard vinyl fabric, aluminum and cardstock files. This machine has 6 modes with 4 functions including landscape and portrait. The machine has two cartridges with a quite good LCD screen display. Circuit expression cutting machine performs good and it can cut maximum length of 12 inches to 24 inches.