Tips for Getting Authentic Items from a Louis Vuitton Bags Online Shop

There are numerous techniques used for spotting a fake Louis Vuitton bag. Sellers of this fake product seem to be so careless that they leave behind some very clear revealing clues for us. These simple principles can be used when purchasing from a Louis Vuitton bags online shop.

The Tag – One of the few things to keep in mind is to ensure that there is no blue number printed on the Louis Vuitton bag. Ensure that there is no appearance of blue number anywhere. Retailers seem to leave these labels on as they believe this will somehow show the originality of the bag. If you come across any bag that has a number printed on the side, steer clear of the product.

The Packaging – Apart from the bag not having a number printed on the tag, there is another way to show that the product is fake. The plastic used to design the handle. This looks inferior. For some new Louis Vuitton bags, they come with protective plastic around their handles, but most resale products aren’t. The plastic should not be there if a bag has been used before or was used for exhibition. Do not be deceived, there is nothing like Louis Vuitton wholesale; so endeavor to know where the seller got the product from if there is still plastic on the handles.

Paper Everywhere – You will know that the bag is fake if there are papers covering the hardware to protect it. The Alma bag comes with paper around some parts like handles and zip pulls and there are some bags which come with paper around the rivet region.

The Price – One of the simplest ways of identifying a fake bag is by estimating the worth. You should be able to know whether the bag is fake or not by checking if there is a 50% reduction in the price of the same bag in a Louis Vuitton retailer. Louis Vuitton does not sell products at wholesale. For instance, if the bag cost lots of money in the Louis Vuitton bags online shop, they will not sell it for you at a wholesale price of $75 so you can get it from another seller at the rate of $150.