Tips for Buying a Drums for Kids at the Toronto Cultural Festival

If you’re in the market to buy drums for kids, examine the following tips that will assist you in making the right buy. There are some factors that should be considered when it comes to purchasing a drum set for kids. This process might require a bit more effort but it would be time well spent. We will examine a few areas that will help you in arriving at a decision.

What is the age of the young drummer?

This is a vital question as a result of factors like the prize and size of the drum kit. For size, it might or might not be clear to you when purchasing s set, to ensure that it is neither too small or too big for the child. Have it at the back of your mind that kids differ in their stages of growth. If you have access to a children set (try a music store), have the kid sit in place for playing. You would want to ensure that their feet can comfortably reach on the hi-hat pedals and kick drum, the snare drum placed waist high and he/she could easily get to the floor toms and rack with drumsticks.

The set-up

Immediately you have known the correct sized bass drum, the rest of the drums that accompany the drum should be in adequate proportion to the bass drum in the event that you’re wholly purchasing the set. The normal drum kit set-up will be made up of a snare drum, 1 floor tom, 1 cymbal stand and cymbal, 1 rack tom, hi-hat stand and cymbals and a kick pedal. Drum sticks may or may not be a part of the whole set.

Drum set prices and where to purchase

The prices of drums for kids will differ from one maker to the other. They will range as from $99 up to around $300. You can buy drum kits online or from your local music store.