Squishies: Cute and Great for Stress Relief

Life can be frustrating at times. What you’re in need of is squishy. Plain, ordinary, and perfectly round stress balls are not very cute. Squishies from the wshcollection are REALLY CUTE. They are not guro-kawaii, like what’s obtainable with those creepy ones you squeeze and their eyeballs bulge out. No, a squishy is kawaii-kawaii. Combo kawaii, maybe even triple. Too, too kawaii.

The point of a squishy happens to be that it goes ‘squish’. Severely.

Squeezing a stress ball releases endorphins and tension thus making you feel better. So would the bonus hand muscle exercise. Relaxing and tensing those muscles is meant to calm you down.

It is also very satisfying watching a squishy smoosh down, and then sheepishly return back into the initial shape. Attempt it in the company of some friends and see the squishy that wins.

Squishies are meant to feel like fluffy, soft Japanese bread. And people love that. The Breadou brand makes bread squishies only. Other establishments have imitated the style, making squishy toast, baguettes, croissants, turtles, loaves with melon bread shells.

Why are squishies very popular, aside from the ‘kawaii personal therapy’ thing? Like many cute Japanese trends, they began in the hands of J-culture children. Kawaii phone straps are basically normal uniform for teenagers in Japan.