Software to Localiser un Portable When You’re in Toronto

If you misplaced your computer or it was stolen or perhaps you just want to protect it from a likely theft, this technique would be useful. It would make you to localiser un portable, see who currently uses it or if it has a built-in webcam, take them pictures.

This software should be installed on your system before the possible theft of the computer!

Some software might still operate even after the computer has been formatted, this happens because they are combined with the BIOS or the processor.

A number of computers are usually sold with a processor that has Intel® Anti-Theft Technology, a software like Computrace from Absolute Software within their BIOS, this makes it possible to make the computer unusable after a paid subscription. To know if this applies to you, check your computer manual.


This software is free (can be used by 3 computers) and can be used with Open Source: Windows, Mac, Android, Linux.


This software is free for 90 days, it is compatible with windows and Mac. When installed into the computer’s BIOS, the Computrace agent can also resistany reinstallation of the operating system, reformatting, replacing or changing the hard disk image.


The software is free for 30 days.


Only for Linux, an open source software and free.

The software sends your network information (list of WiFi access points, screenshot, IP address, photo by webcam encrypted with GnuPG).

Intel Anti-Theft PC Protection

Most computers are enabled with this technology as it was mentioned earlier, making it totally impossible to disable the PC after it is stolen.

Remote connection software

This software will make you able to get remote access to some computers so they can also be used to monitor your computer just in case it is stolen, trial get the used IP address. Apparently, for formatting the computer used as a back-up, the software will be useless.