Remove Cockroaches And Prevent The Spread Of Disease

Pest infestation is very common to lots of households. However, pests are of various types, and you have to apply different techniques for controlling them. It is not always easy to prevent the infestation of all the pests. Especially, the cockroaches are the most annoying issues to the house owners. If you are searching for the best solution for pest infestation then Merkem pest solutions are effective at reducing the number of cockroaches in your house. Merkem professionals apply the right technique to solve the cockroach infestation issues.

Usually, we think that lack of house maintenance results in the cockroach issues. That’s why we clean our kitchen, bathroom and floors. The food sources must not be accessible to the cockroaches. However, the cockroaches may also get into your rooms through gaps or cracks on the walls. These pests may also move through your pipes or drains. The amount of time, taken by the professionals to remove cockroaches, may vary due to-

  • Infestation size
  • Cockroach species

There are several commercial products in the market to reduce the pest infestation. However, all those products may not be effective.

We have now shared a few facts to help you in dealing with the cockroach issues easily.

  • Entry to your house– We have already said that cockroaches may access to your house through crevices, pipes and vents. You may also find them in your bags and purses.
  • Favorable environment for the growth of cockroaches- These pests try to find sites, where they have found water, warmth and food. They are active throughout a year.
  • Faster reproduction- You will find an increasing number of cockroaches within a short time. They may hide behind the walls and at other places.
  • Asthma and other diseases- The droppings of cockroaches and their dead bodies may cause allergies to your family members. The cockroaches may also be present in your kitchen, and they cause contamination of your foods. You will also get odor in the room, infested with cockroaches.

There are some reasons for which you won’t be able to kill or remove all cockroaches easily.

Very small creatures-

It is easy to dispose of the large pests. However, the small ones cause the issues. They can pass through the tiny openings. However, the professionals are able to trap those cockroaches very easily.

Highly resilient body

While you hit one’s head, he can get seriously injured or die. However, cockroaches are able to survive for one week with no head. They may also remain alive for thirty to forty minutes without breathing.

Capable of surviving without any food

We think that we can remove pests by starving them. Your room may have no food scrap or water. However, still, the cockroaches will remain alive. They can live in this way for one month.

Thus, while you have failed to kill or eliminate all the cockroaches of your house, you have to rely on the professional team. The certified pest controllers apply the right technique for removing cockroaches and other pests in your property.