Plans Government Has For Punggol Town Centre And Piermont Grand EC

In a recent period of time, Piermont Grand EC has been enjoying massive popularity in Singapore and the whole of Asia. You may have heard of all ordinary things, but today we will present you with the future plans the local government has for the condominium and the Punggol town center.

Town center will expand to the Waterfront

One of the biggest investment and the largest plans the government has for the Piermont Grand EC is to link it to the town center and to create the digital district. This means that the Punggol town center will be linked to the Waterfront and it will be developed specifically for digital technology. There are three main elements that the government will provide. The business park is the first one and it will look stunning. After all, this park has already been designed and it looks perfect.

The second upgrade is SIT (Singapore Institute of Technology), an all-new institute that will be present here as well. The goal is to make the district special and advanced when it comes to technology.  This will have a huge effect on the local economy and business aspects. As you can see the district and the park are going to be literally transformed.

We can’t say that the Piermont Grand EC is a completely new development. Actually, it will soon start offering condos for potential buyers. However, it is a part of a whole new residential complex which will be available between the town center and the Waterfront. Most of the residents will work in the digital district and most of them will be in the technology job niche.

Additional improvements

There are plans for additional upgrades as well. For instance, the coffee shops, the hotels, and the various cuisines are going to be present eventually. This is all happening as we speak, so the next time you are planning to visit the town center you will see some of these plans in real life.

The whole part of Singapore will be radically changed. The government has a huge desire and massive plans to complete within years and we can be certain that they will succeed. All we can do is to wait and look for the plans becoming a reality.

We may add that the digital district will be linked or better said based on IT technologies, internet-related services, and internet development. All of this suggests that the location will be the most desirable of them all for all the people working or planning to work in this field of expertise.

The final word

Together, the Piermont Grand EC and the Punggol town center will be radically changed to the city. The three main elements are Business Park, the digital district and the residential area. All of this will make the city look stunning and it will become one of the best places for life in this corner of the globe. We can only imagine the full potential.