One Stop Tourism – League of Legends Accounts for Sale

The majority of the League of Legends accounts you purchase is accompanied with the added advantage of RP and IP included with the account. The normal amount of IP included in a league of legends accounts for sale is 20,000 IP and this is enough to buy three legendary champions. Each legendary champ cost of 6,300 IP, that is plenty of time saved farming champions. You basically purchase the champions for the role you would like to play and you are off. IP address can definitely be spent on other things like runes which are important when playing ranked games as well.

By purchasing a fresh account you could look to alter your role in the game and purchase all the champions and runes to match. There is nothing bad like having to expend 20k of IP on runes when you’ve made the decision to switch from ADC to Top Lane. By purchasing a fresh League of Legends account you could buy all the runes and champs you want without having to waste much time. You will have another account that has a different set of champs and runesfor a different role as well.

You can Play on a New Region

Another reason someone would purchase a league of legends accounts for sale is due to the fact that they like switching regions. With EUW regarded as one of the most competitive regions when it comes to skill, several NA players are getting additional accounts in EUW in a bid to test their skills. Although it is possible for you to buy server transfer via the Riot store for $20 (around 2600RP) immediately you have switched it’s hard to switch back. For justsome dollars more you could get a totally fresh account so you could be able to keep your major account on your home region with all your stats saved. If you purchase a League of Legends account in a separate region you could then compete in many ranked leagues so that you’ll be able to truly show off your skill.