Nearshore Software Development: Reasons Why It’s Better than Offshoring

The benefits of outsourcing software development to a nearshore software development or offshore software Development company are countless. Outsourcing software development services can definitely save you money and time, thus giving you access to a variety of technical ability and talent.

Small companies see this as having the chance of having a partnership with a large software development team at a fraction of the cost of having a work force of full-time workers, while for larger companies; it provides them the access to hard-to-find software engineers with highly specialized technical skills and software development.

Offshore vs. Nearshore Software Development

Statistics have it that some companies looking for offshore outsourcing for software development gave attention to technology companies established in far distances like India. For the following reasons, this has been becoming very difficult:

Time Gap: Companies that are in need of regular collaboration and communication from their offshore software development companies, most especially those with active development teams. The offshore IT services that are situated in places like India pose such challenges. India is about 10 to 13 hours ahead of Canada and the United States of America, thus making it somewhat difficult for India-based offshore software development teams to have some form of partnership with U.S. counterparts.

Higher Cost: The total cost of the conventional offshore model for software development is estimated to be about two to three time the cost per hour of the actual software developer. This has actually led to disagreements that the conventional offshore model is much more expensive than having local contractors get the assignment completed.

Communication Issues: There has been an increase in the emphasis placed on active development; most companies are looking to a closer partnership with their offshore software development teams. Infrastructure issues influencing connectivity to the World Wide Web and language barriers sometimes involved in offshore outsourcing can act as a challenge.

The nearshore software development framework offers a much more welcoming option to offshore software development, assisting brands and companies to realize the true advantages to outsourcing. With nearshore software development, the hidden costs of outsourcing are eliminated because of the collaboration and transparency that is made possible when working in close time zones and proximity.