Essential Tips on How to Place Your Area Rugs

It is quite difficult to determine the location and size needed to setup area rugs.  Generally, the space that should exist between the walls and the rugs should be in the range of 6-18 inches. To help confirm the rug size that is appropriate for your space, always use a masking tape to mark the rug size and the floor placement to have an imagination of the appearance.

Living Rooms

In any seating arrangement, the rug should be able to contain the front legs of chairs and sofas to complement the décor as well as the furniture set. For large rooms, endeavor to combine two rugs for the room arrangement. It will give it a sophisticated and stylish look.

Dining Rooms

Leave a minimum of 24 inches of rugs which extends from the edge of the table. Also, ensure that the rug extends to all sides, leaving enough space for the legs of the chairs, even when they are in use.


For an area rug to create a good balance in the room, it should have enough size to form an extension beyond the edges of the bed by at least 18 inches. Although, this depends on the size of the room and there should be more extension at all sides of the bed, but not less, which are positioned under the bed making it look insignificant to the overall look and appearance of the room. You are expected to peruse through this guide and take it into action.

Outdoor area rugs? Though this might sound unusual, an outdoor area rug is able to add an actual sense of style to any outdoor area where individuals meet. Patios and play areas can both take advantage of outdoor area rugs.

First, you must think about the cost when opting for an area rug for outside use. You want to get an area rug that has style, is durable and also fits your budget. Carry out a thorough research before you shop for you to be able to find the ideal meeting place for quality and price. A lot of stores that sell inexpensive area rugs are selling rugs that will lose quality after one year of use. On the other hand, make sure that you don’t get caught up in purchasing a rug as a result of its name brand. A lot of name brands sell rugs that are not of the best quality in their lower end markets.

The durability of an outdoor area rug happens to represent the number one factor to think about when shopping. You will have to take into account if the rug would be positioned in an exposed area or a covered area. Shade sails, covered areas, gazebos, and umbrellas all offer protection to outdoor area rugs. This would offer you more of choice when settling for your rug.

If the rug would be positioned in an area that’s prone to the elements and gets direct sunlight you would be more limited in your options. Some materials lose quality when exposed to sunlight while others dry and crack when they come in contact with water. Don’t go near these rugs and buy one that is precisely for outdoor exposed areas.

Determine your space before you shop for your outdoor area rug. Think about where the rug will be positioned and what the rug will be utilized for to help determine the appropriate size.