Essential Tips for Using the Vietnam Online Visa Application Form

An online Vietnamese visa application compared to visiting the Vietnamese embassy or consulate office to apply for a visa is easy and quick. The online is by filling out the Vietnam online visa application form, as this is recognized and supported by the Vietnam Immigration Department. We highly recommend that you chose to get a visa on Arrival because it is a lot easier for you to pick up your visa at the Vietnam International airport and no additional charge will be required. The visa on arrival is fail-proof.

Below is how to go about applying for a Vietnam Visa online in 4 easy and quick steps:

STEP 1: Get started by filling out the secure online form

STEP 2: Confirm and make the necessary payment

STEP 3: Receive and print the Approval Letter

STEP 4: Get your visa stamp upon arrival at one of three Vietnam international airports

Ensure that you fill the application form with the correct information as regards your name, date of birth, passport number, gender, nationality, and arrival date. Just as soon as you submit your application and you have made the necessary payment, the processing of your visa request will commence.

When you arrive at one of the three Vietnam international airports in Da Nang, Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, the travelers are required to fill an Entry/Exit form.  As you will then present you Approval letter, photos, passport and you will make payments for the stamping fee just so that you can receive the visa stamped in your passport.