DMCA Ignored Hosting: What You Ought To Know

If you are on the lookout for a DMCA ignored server, you’re possibly not a newcomer to getting DMCA notices. If you happen to be a complete newbie to DMCA ignored hosting, it’s important for you to know that a dedicated DMCA-proof server is superior to a DMCA-free web hosting at all times. This is due to the fact that with a dedicated server you get full root access. Just alter the password and no one would be able to access it. Complete root access thus provides you with full data security and privacy. However, with web hosting, hosting admins always have unrestricted access to your data at any time. This is due to the fact that the master access key to the WHM/cPanel you’re using is always in their possession.

Now, what determines a fantastic no DMCA dedicated server? As you either don’t ignore or ignore DMCA notices, our benchmarks will also be made up of how much the dedicated server costs and what type of specs you receive for that price. We also look at the reputation of the hosting provider in the hosting industry.

If you get notices for DMCA takedown on a constant basis, you’ll know that some copyright firm writes you an official letter and asks you to remove certain pages on your website. Sometimes they even ask you to take down your website completely. Why you? Because you’re displaying content that’s copyrighted by another person, and that’s a violation.

Some owners of websites become fearful and adhere with these automatic emails. Yes, you read that correctly. Automatic. Over 99% of all the DMCA notices are sent by a robot, and even when you reply to it,  the robot won’t reply. So on top of that, it is also a dumb bot.

There are two things you have to know about DMCA ignored hosting as far as hosting your website with the right hosting provider is concerned:

1) Offshore hosting providers are not compelled to abide by DMCA, but a lot of them do.

2) The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is an American copyright law.