Composite Decking Boards: Essential for Building an Environmentally Friendly Deck

Majority of the traditional decking boards fabricated from wood required that they are painted and afterward waterproofed. This is more like how the redwood board is sold from lumberyards untreated. The demand lots of carpentry skill in order to shape them correctly. These days the varieties of composite decking boards are sized and prefabricated for an installation that is user-friendly. Composite decking boards are manufactured using pressure treated vinyl, composite or wood. It is important you are aware of the fact that there are cedar boards that are the size and pretreated as well.

Erect a deck that is environmentally friendly by making use composites. Composite decking is manufactured from wood shavings and recycled plastic. The combination of these two waste products into a distinct building material composite are great options for the environment. Composites assist in the reduction of the number of materials that enter our landfills, at the same time making provision for building product that is a low maintenance. Now you can actually feel good about building your deck.

It is without a doubt that a deck with composites is not different from a deck that is fabricated from wood. Be sure that you are using dry, straight wood for most especially the sub-structure. However, you can use treated or non-treated. It is important you are aware of the fact that Composites require support for every sixteen inches or something less. Contrary to this, wood has the ability to span a space of about 24 inches. Do not forget to check the building department in your locality for any building/construction codes that you need to meet.

Whenever the sub-structure is constructed, that is a sign that it is time to have the surface material installed. Composites are not in any way affected by humidity, unlike the case with wood. However, composite decking will contract and expand greatly with changes in temperature. At the point of installing composite decking, it is important that you make use of hidden fasteners. Hidden deck fasteners are preferred than screws and majority of them are even capable of withstanding the expansion and contraction that takes place with composite decking. Deck screws and even those screws that are specifically designed for composite decking are capable of working their way up as the decking contracts and expands. In addition, when you use screws you are sure that the decking will split at the ends even if there was a pre-drilling. You can easily get rid of these problems by making use of hidden fasteners.

It is without a doubt that the installation of hidden deck fasteners is not difficult. The decking should be in place and the fasteners should be attached to the joists. Using grooved decking or perhaps any special tools are not necessary. No sledgehammers or biscuit-jointers are required.

When you make use of invisible deck fasteners specifically designed for composite decking, you will be sure that you have yourself a clean deck surface that is not defected by nails or screws. Hidden deck fasteners that are fabricated for composite decking needs and they do not cost more than screws. There are actually no special tools required and there is no need for pre-drilling. There is no penetration to the tops or either the sides of the decking.