Canister vs Upright Vacuum: Which is the Best?

If you intend on acquiring a new vacuum any soon, it is vital that you decide if it an upright style you will be opting for or if it is the canister style. Both of these types have their advantages and so also do they have their disadvantages, and they have been talked about in numerous canister vs upright vacuum debates. The type of flooring in your home will determine which of the vacuum cleaners is the best and how you use the vacuum cleaner also influence your decision on the right one. Below you will find the several advantages and disadvantages of both types of vacuum cleaners, thus helping you with your decision-making.

Canister Vacuums make a compelling choice

The canister vacuum cleaner in recent years has been very popular in modern households, due to the large variety of floorings.  The canister vacuum cleaner is very easy to use around the home than the upright cleaners and the flexible hose incorporated in the cleaner offers excellent flexibility. The head is lightweight, thus making it simpler to be pushed. A lower profile design, on the other hand, permits easier access to the spaces that lie underneath the furniture. The dust will definitely have no area to hide and flourish. One of the important advantages of the canister vacuum cleaner is its ability to clean hard tile floors easily, so also wood, rugs. It is important to be aware of the fact that the powerful models are the only option capable of handling thick carpeting.

Upright Vacuums also have quite a bit going on for them

There are various reason why the upright vacuum cleaners have been the conventional choice for most households. In time past, most of the homes had large open areas that do not require much around of the furniture. The powerful upright vacuum cleaners were capable of performing wonders. The bagged cleaners, on the other hand, were manufactured with larger bags than the canister vacuum cleaners that are capable of holding dust between changings. For a home that has more of carpets, most especially the thick ones, the upright vacuum cleaners could get the embedded dirt out in an excellent manner.