All You Need to Know About the Low Profile Floor Jack

Low profile jacks aren’t just handy for carrying out pit stops only for race cars. They are also renowned with roadside tire changers, mechanics, and even for individuals to have around the home workshop. It is an awesome advantage for anyone that has to lift a car or any other thing for that matter, to be able to use a low profile floor jack that just requires three to four inches of clearance to get under an object.

Safety Considerations with Low Profile Jacks

Don’t forget that jacking an object off the ground could be very deadly and even dangerous if it’s done properly. Don’t ever go under an item being lifted until the object has been rightfully secured with wheel chocks, jack stands and other avenues of “robust and stable” support. It’s an operation that needs absolute focus and concentration every time and should not be carried out while under the effect of drugs or alcohol.

If you carry out your lifting in a safe manner and you achieve it with the use of any of these top quality jacks, you would be able to successfully finish your lifting jobs time and time again. Shell out what you’re able to afford, and you’ll end up with the most appropriate low profile jack to meet your needs.

Price does not equal quality

A good quality low profile floor jack does not always have to be expensive. This is also true for any other kind of floor jack for your car that you want to buy. If you only change the wheels of your car once a year or carry the jack in your car for emergencies, you do not have to dig too deep into your pocket to buy a high-quality and well-made floor jack.

Focus on the quality of the floor jack

In addition to the above-mentioned excellent workmanship, these models also often provide a fairly high weight. This ensures a stable state, so you do not have to worry about tipping car jack. Many models are also suitable for lowered cars. Rubber plates for the support are also included as protective covers of the lifting rod or parts of the jack to reliably protect the car from scratches and other kinds of damages.

Weight capacity and features of the jack

First of all, the jack should have sufficient capacity. Say the weight of her car, the little helper should be able to lift. Here the requirements are different depending on the vehicle. An SUV needs a more robust jack than a small car.  In addition to the load capacity and the lifting height plays a crucial role. This indicates how high or low a jack can be attached to the vehicle. Interesting here is first of all the maximum lifting height. This must be sufficiently large so that a tire change is easily possible. But the minimum lifting height can be of interest, especially in lowered cars.

Even a hydraulic jack finds its place among the inexpensive jacks. With a load capacity of up to 5 tons, this is one of the “heavyweights”. The upper weight limit scope, however, is a bit large here. In the face of the price, however, justifiable. A safety valve to protect against overloading is also included in the jack. Due to its high weight, this car owner is stable and secure.

Additional features of the floor jack

Another point on the list is the question of which jack design is eligible. Here mobility, comfort, and usability play a decisive role. In addition to the mandatory features such as lifting height and carrying capacity, different personal requirements also play a role in the purchase. The latter, however, is to be regarded as an encore which is supplied as an extra “on-top”. With lifting height and carrying capacity, one can and should make no compromises.

If you consider all of these points you should be able to buy the right floor jack at the right price. Remember, there are a lot of floor jack models out there, and not all of them will be prized the right way. So you have got to be careful about which floor jack you choose to buy. And if you follow all of these tips and considerations when buying one, you should be able to purchase a floor jack that will give you the best bang for your buck.